ukrainian disco steez

cat pic niche

Time for a nap you say? Well alright, if you insist.

I just ate a bratwurst while waiting for my baked salmon and broccoli to finish cooking

Anonymous asked: *rides by in a boat yelling "you suck, you suck, you suck" like the kids from Camp MVP in Heavyweights* (is that good enough anon hate for you?)

You win my heart with the heavyweights reference so quite the opposite try again plz

Anonymous asked: You're such a stupid face. And your hatred of Spotify is dumb. And you haven't sent me that music yet. Stupid face.

Go fly a kite, Ryan

I always have anon on but I never get any haters. Am I too boring to hate on jeez

When u eat a hotdog and get on tumblr and the first thing u see is a sex gif